Working Out With STDS

Physical Fitness

Our physical fitness and well-being is something that we need to protect and maintain at all costs. A physical exam can tell us a great deal about our health and any issue we need to be aware of. This can be as simple as advice on exercise, a quick mental health exam, and STD testing.

Doctors are now encouraged to talk to patients more about the links between exercise and STDs. STD testing does not have to be an entirely separate subject. That is especially true if there is a chance that it can have an impact on other areas of health. Normally, the two topics may not come up in the same conversation at the doctor’s office visit, but if you tested positive you need to know how not to spread the virus.

It is rare that sexual activity and a trip to the gym would go together. Both can burn plenty of calories, but the exercise bike isn’t the best place for a quickie. What doctors do need to be more open about is the health benefits of exercise for people with certain STDs.

In addition to this, there should be greater education about the risks of passing on certain STDs in public places. There is clearly a middle ground to reach here where safe sex talks mean more than advice on contraception.

STD Testing For HIV And The Benefits Of Physical Activity

Physical Fitness

Let’s start with the good points here. There is no denying that an HIV diagnosis can be a crushing blow to anyone in that situation. The development of AIDS is debilitating and can have a terrible impact on physical and mental health.

Studies have shown that physical activity can help on some levels. Aerobic exercises like walking, cycling, and swimming are ideal for improving cardiovascular health, reducing cholesterol levels and regulating fat reserves.

This isn’t a green light to go off and run a marathon. Instead, your doctor will-will work with HIV patients to create a schedule of activity to help improve physical fitness levels without going overboard. This will start with short walks of no more than 10 minutes.

Eventually, this can reach 30 minutes 3 times a week. Any attempt to stay fit and strong during this illness is of benefit to patients. This is an autoimmune disorder with grave consequences, so any attempt to counter that is advisable.

Exercise can be tough with this condition, but it can also improve self-esteem. A lean, fit, toned boy doesn’t look like the body of a sick individual. This can provide extra confidence while fighting the illness. Exercise is also great for dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression.

In addition to this, there is the fact that exercise can help to limit the side effects of the medication. Fat distribution across the body changes with HIV medication. It is why limbs appear so much thinner. Walking and load-bearing exercise can help to counter this and provide some tone in these areas.

Exercising After Positive STD Test Result

These health benefits are great reasons for anyone to go to the gym, regardless of their health and physical conditions. There are plenty of people that have undergone STD testing during their physical and were then left disappointed by the news. The gym can be an excellent place to unleash this tension and feel good about your body. The problem is that is can also be a place to spread the disease if you are not careful.

Many women are now alarmed to find out just how easy it is to catch the HPV virus from public places. That virus can survive outside of the body for a long time. In fact, DNA testing on sex toys found that the virus remained on a cleaned vibrator for up to 24 hours. That may be good news to those that have caught the virus without having sexual intercourse.

 It can be hard to pinpoint a cause and prove fidelity with STDs. However, it is bad news for women that assumed that it could only arise in that way. It means that if the virus gets onto surfaces or seats, there is the chance that it can infect the next person to sit there.

It would be interesting to use DNA testing to check the true cleanliness of exercise machines in public gyms. How much HPV would they find after so many people have sweated it out in small lycra shorts? Most responsible gyms will encourage all users to wipe down their equipment after use and sterilize at the end of the day.

However, how much can a towel do to wipe the virus away? Disinfectant is the only worthwhile cleaning option. Women are therefore encouraged to be careful where they sit, what they wear and how they clean the seat. Place a towel down wherever you go to stay safe

Physical Fitness And STD Testing

It is a great idea to suggest an exercise regime for anyone that tests positive for an infection. Not only will they stay fit and healthy, but they can also improve their mindset. This will help them fight off the negative feelings that come with a diagnosis. At the same period, it is important to inform women of the dangers of using public gym equipment with an STD. There is no reason to stop going as long as you are careful with what you wear and your cleanliness.

The problem will lie with the gym themselves. That is especially true if they are unaware of the potential issues that may arise when DNA was testing their equipment. If they knew that there was a risk of HPV transfer, they might alter their cleaning and hygiene recommendations.

 Finally, we need to be sure that doctors are on board with this too. It is not just the gym where women are known to be able to catch the virus in a non-sexual manner. We expect sterile, safe environments at the doctor’s surgery. If doctors are going to provide STD testing with a physical, they need to be safe with it.


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