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The free weights room of the gym used to be pretty heavy with testosterone. There was a sense that this was a health & fitness exercise for men and men alone. Weight lifting, dead-lifting and dumbbell work had the reputation of being for bodybuilding methods.

That there was little of worth to women as these competitive feats of strength merely built muscle. That wasn’t to view that women didn’t want much muscle tone too, but they wanted to tone up and stay trim on exercise machines. This gender divide is now long gone.

The Number Of Women That Are Embracing Strength Training Has Risen Significantly

A survey carried out by UK gym network Gym Group showed that 93% of the 2000 female member asked were now using free weights. Strength training has become a massive part of female personal health regimes.

They are trying a new way of building muscle, toning up and getting in shape. Furthermore, this isn’t simply a case of a quick session at the end of the week. 65% of those asked claimed to lift them up to 3 times a week.

Women Are Entering The Weight Rooms, And The Gender Stereotypes Are Disappearing Fast

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It is now not that uncommon to see women at barbells lifting free weights or handling weight bags. Not only that, many are showing that women can be just as capable as men in this situation. There is no doubt that several men are physically stronger and able to put some extra pounds on their lift.

However, women are now lifting the same types of weight in the same styles. The gap between the genders is decreasing rapidly. Women are now much more confident to try these options now that they have seen what they can do.

There may be some places where women risk snide remark for trying such a male-dominated area of health& fitness. Despite this, there are few “girly” versions of weight stations anymore.

So What Caused This Women’s Revolution In The Weight Room?

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Some have attributed this new way of thinking to a recent hashtag: #strongnotskinny. This brief fad showed celebrities handling weights and showing off their bodies. It was a chance to show that they could be slim and toned but also strong. This inspiring message of girl power was important for some that lacked the confidence to try.

Others were further encouraged to push forward with strength training simply because they are more aware of personal health benefits. Those that build muscle tone can improve bone density, improve posture and improve their mental state. It also helps to increase the number of calories they can burn in a day, which makes a gym session even more fruitful.

Is This A Short-Term Matter Or Are Women In The Weight Room For Genuine?

Hashtags are all good fun for a weekend of tweeting photos, but there is much more to this than a quick social media fad. Now that women are aware of their potential with strength training, they are sure to push further. Health & fitness benefits are just too strong. It looks like men have permanent company here now.


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