Use DNA Testing Results To Work-Out Better

DNA Testing

DNA testing kits have taught us a lot about ourselves in recent years. Companies like 23andMe opened doors of discovery into family history, genetic predispositions, and long-lost heritage. We can find out if we have Viking blood while tracing our genetic make-up.

At the same time, we can learn about risks for cancer, Alzheimer’s and all kinds of personal health issues. This is the main audience for these types of sites. However, there are other companies with a more niche service. Could we see a rise in DNA testing for personal fitness goals?

Why Are DNA Testing For Personal Health And Fitness So Appealing?

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There are times when many of us reach a plateau with our weight and strength training goals. There are also times when certain efforts just don’t seem to be working at all. It doesn’t help when magazines and websites list one-size-fits-all solutions that are “quick” and “easy.”

We are all too different to all see results that way. It is too easy to feel discouraged at these points and feels that there is no further progression to make. A DNA test could dispel all of that.

These test could help us find out exactly what our bodies are programmed to do and handle, on a genetic level. We can then change our routines for the better. It isn’t necessarily the case that we cannot lose the weight. You just need to work in a different way.

Some of us carry weight differently than others, and this can be seen in family history. Companies like FitnessGenes and DNAFit are working to help users discover their genetic make-up and make positive lifestyle changes for personal health

How Does This DNA Testing Service Work?

FitnessGenes maps 42 genes and their alleles to see how individuals suit certain types of exercises. Some have gene patterns that make them prone to weight loss through sharp bursts of training rather than long jogs.

Those that find this out should, therefore, switch to high-intensity training options with short blocks of high-impact activity. This means interval running or cycling rather than a slow, steady affair. There is the chance that the test could reveal a sequence with other consequences. The idea is that we don’t know until we ask.

These fitness maps don’t just highlight traits for working out, burning fat and building muscle. There is also the chance to check your risk of obesity. Your genes can tell you why you are quick to develop fat around your abdomen while keeping skinny legs.

Some people are genetically prone to overeating or craving certain foods. Once these risks are finally identified, you can work to do something about it.

Is This A Viable Solution For People Struggling With Personal Health And Fitness Goals?

DNA Testing

There are still some people that are critical of this service, as some scientists say that the results cannot be proven. There are doubts that DNA tests can predict your ability to gain or lose weight. Therefore, some are not convinced that the advice on offer is solid. Many agree that more research needs to commence with these obesity genes to formulate a clear plan.

Some people have followed the advice of their results and seen improvements. The change in diet or intensity levels was the missing link to weight loss. The problem is in attributing causation rather than correlation.

Was the DNA service able to provide a detailed enough action plan that was solely responsible for these changes?

If so, was it a lucky coincidence or the result of careful science? The advice given on some of the test results can be a little vague. The “eat less, exercise more” mentality is something we can all follow with the right motivation.

There Is The Chance That A Genetic, Personal Test Could Be That Motivation In The Future

The concern is that motivation and hope are all that it is providing. That the results aren’t intricate and personal enough to make that big difference. At the moment, these programs are too far into their infant stage to be completely reliable. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t recover with time.

The scientific basis behind it is sound, and there have certainly been plenty of happy customers with other genetic testing services. With time, research and development, we could be seeing a lot more personalized fitness plans and diet plans based on DNA testing

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