Top 5 Fitness Products For A Home Gym This Christmas

Best Fitness Product Reviews

What do you get the fitness fanatic that has everything? A new, updated piece of equipment for the home gym is a good start for those struggling to progress. There are lots of interesting fitness products on the market trying to provide something new and unusual.

Many makers tailor machines to experienced users that want to improve their regime. Others have an alternative experience in mind, with simple designs for rehabilitation or relaxation. Here are five reviews of top products for 2017 to inspire you in your hunt for the best options.

1) Ultrasport Mini Bike 50 Arm And The Leg Trainer

Arm And Leg Exercise Fitness Product

Sticking with Ultrasport fitness products for a moment, we have a different type of exercise bike. This is one that could be highly appreciated in the new year. One of the biggest problems when it comes to activity levels is finding the time to work out.

Sedentary lifestyles and desk jobs mean that we are not exercising as much as we should. A simple arm and leg trainer like this offers the pedals and resistance of an exercise bike without the seat and frame. Just place it under a desk to keep the legs moving and blood flowing. There is also the chance to use this machine to rehab injuries.

This may look simple, but reviews suggest that there is more to this product that meets the eye. The 2 kg flywheel is lighter than most exercise bikes, but there are still resistance settings to test users’ abilities. There is also the bonus of the onboard display for data on progress, such as rotations made and calories burned.

2) Ultrasport Foldable Exercise And  Bike With Pulse Sensor Grips

One of the top types of fitness products for the home gym right now is the exercise bike. There are lots of different types of model designed to help you with your cardiovascular health and fitness. This Ultrasport model promises a great workout for key muscle groups and noticeable results.

Highly-rated reviews suggest that this is true. The company achieves this through eight levels of magnetic resistance, so plenty of room to progress. There is also a decent LCD to offer information on time, speed distance, and pulse. The latter is via the pulse grips on the handlebars.

The other reason this model is such a success in a home gym is that it is compact and foldable. It sits in the room without taking up too much space and stores away with ease. This means that the bike is both user-friendly and functional for moderate level exercise. Reviews suggest that it is not top-of-the-line, but not too basic either.

3) Body Sculpture BR3010 Rower And Gym

Fitness Product For Females

Exercise bikes may be one of the most popular types of fitness products around right now, but there are other styles. Rowers are a great way to work on multiple muscle groups with strong, repetitive action.

This Body Sculpture model is a little different and more versatile because of the additional gym feature. Users can use this lower as normal, thanks to the smooth movement and strong frame. However, there is a gym attachment for additional exercises for the arms, shoulders chest and abs.

User reviews show that many buyers are pretty impressed with this setup and can enjoy a great workout. This comes about via the adjustable resistance, comfortable set-up, progress monitoring tools and computer console.

There are different programs to try with data on stroke count, time and calories burned. Bonus features highlighted in reviews include the folding mechanism for storage and the instructional DVD that explains the gym section.

4) WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

There is a need with many fitness products to throw everything at a machine and see what sticks. That is excellent for those that want a complete workout with all the bells and whistles of a gym-level machine. However, it can be a little strong for others.

That is why all keen rower needs to consider the WaterRower for the home. That model is as simple as they come and only uses a battery to power the console, no mains electricity. This is because the product uses natural water resistance.

Reviews for these natural, wooden rower are usually positive because of this alternative experience. Many say that there is something therapeutic and satisfying about rowing this way. Not only is the resistance realistic to rowing on water, but the sound of the water and lack of mechanics is also relaxing. It is much easier to get into the zone with this machine. It also looks much better in a home gym than standard models.

5) Reebok ZR8 Treadmill

Review Of Treadmill

It wouldn’t be a strong list of potential fitness products for the new year without one treadmill. Like them or loathe them, because they are still an important part of the home gym. Various models are out there; it is important to find one that ticks all the right boxes. This Reebok model does so by offering strong workout options in a comfortable, user-friendly machine.

It is clear from reviews that the designers have done a lot to try and make this model appealing. There are 31 programs available with this machine, and there is the chance to alter the speed and incline. There is a top speed of 16 km/ph and 15 incline levels.

All the relevant data is then seen on a LED display. The convenience comes in through the use of quick controls on the handlebar and the soft drop folding mechanism. The comfort comes from the ZigTech deck cushioning, large 126 x 41 cm running area and music system.

Finding The Best Fitness Products For Your Home Gym This Christmas



Fitness products are great presents for anyone that is keen to start working out as part of their new year resolutions. They are also a good choice for anyone keen to update their home gym. The options above show the varieties of the model on offer.

Some are simple enough for first-timers; others are more complicated for keen fitness fans. Look for a model that meets specification expectations, read the user reviews and give the gift of fitness.


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