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As things start to go back to normal, many of us have come to realize just how careless we were before the Covid-19 virus. At your home gym, you can do exercises, keep yourself safe and healthy.  Exercising helps keep our mental health in check, more so than before, adding a schedule of too many weeks spent indoors.

As you may know,  exercising releases valuable endorphins that enhance your mood endlessly. Stressful day at the home office? Work out. Feeling lazy after an over-indulgent weekend in the garden? Work out. One too many pieces of banana bread? Work out.

There is not much a fantastic workout can’t fix, but instead of an open gym to go to (and a lack of desire to go back to an even when they perform ), you can easily take your workout game in-house.

Luckily, there’s a whole plethora of at-home gym gear on the market to help you banish the lockdown-induced blues. Needless to say, body-weight workouts may be just as powerful as their counterpart, but you can, too, make things exciting and hard if we are not allowed outside.

What’s The Ideal “At-Home” Gym Equipment?

Resistance bands are an excellent place to begin – this apparently simple piece of gear can make your muscles stand to focus like no other. In actuality, based on a recent study published in the Individual Journal of Kinetics, using resistance bands is on par with lifting weights concerning effectiveness. By route bridges to lateral group walks and squats, there are several exercises you can do together. Up there with the best of the deal are Gritin’s resistance bands that can be found in a set of five, each with different levels.

If you’d prefer to invest in a treadmill, spinning machine, or rowing machine, visit JTX fitness. In their site-wide sale, they’ve cross-trainers starting from #399, treadmills starting from #559, spinning bicycles starting from #325, and rowing machines from #525. Plus, helpful buying guides for each piece of gear.

Currently trending in the fitness world is your Theragun, yet another piece of gear well worth a spot in your at-home exercise equipment order. It may not be a part of the actual exercise, per se, but it is crucial if you would like to alleviate the aches and pains caused by high-intensity workouts and long days sitting in your bedroom desk.

You could definitely reach for your foam roller, but without that sports massage, you would usually book when you feel especially exhausted, this can be a far more effective response. It is a percussive-therapy device, beloved by athletes, which advertisements stimulation deep to the muscle (60 per cent deeper than shaking massagers) to stimulate circulation, release tension, and loosen the region. Consider your DOMs banished.

You can also invest in a skipping rope and a set of women’s boxing gloves. Evocative of the school playground, jumping ropes are a great and seriously efficient way to work out. This widely cited research really found that skipping with a rope is among the very best cardio exercises on the market – and you only require a tiny backyard to partake!

Here are the best at-home gym products and gear to order direct to your door now!

Best Sports Bra:

Achiever Blocked Crop Top, £35

Image source: newbalance

Breasts can move around 14cm when you are exercising, so you will need a good sports bra if you want to keep them useful. This one from New Balance is our favourite at this time, not least due to the trendy colour-blocking design and trendy square neckline. The elastic bust contours to your body for optimum comfort during exercises, while the NB DRYx fabric wicks sweat away from the body, helping you keep cool and dry.

Best Pull-up Bars:

Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar, £19.99

This robust and high-grip pull-up bar carries 220 lbs and can be used to work out your spine, arms, chest, and abs in the comfort of home.

Best Medicine Ball:

Amazon Basics Medicine Ball, £ 23.99

Image source: Amazon

Using a Medicine ball increases muscle mass and reduces the possibility of injury during training. In actuality, a 2018 study found that medicine ball interval exercise could evoke the exact same amount of cardio requirement as intermittent biking or running. What is more, the exercise possibilities are unlimited. You can use this medicine ball to exercise your shoulders, arms, abs, legs, and glutes.

Best Kettlebells For Home Workout:

Core Balance Kettlebell, £22.54

Image source:

These kettlebells will give an edge to your at-home gym exercise to be used with everything from weighted squats to abs exercises. These are made to sit conveniently in your hand so that you can focus on your workout. They also comprise a vinyl dip covering so your flooring or terrace will be safeguarded.

Best Reusable Sports Bottle:

Chilly’s Pink Water Bottle, £20

Image source:

This is the perfect reusable drinks cup available. It maintains cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot beverages hot for 12 and is very good for using when you workout.

Best Dumbbells:

Dumbbell Weight Kit, £35.99

Image source: Amazon

A must-have in any at-home gym exercise kit, this pair of dumbbells is offered in varying weights for different training intensities. They will help you sculpt your muscles to burn more calories during your workout.

Best Fitness Tracker:

FitBit 3 Fitness Tracker, £89.99

Image source:

If you’re after a trustworthy exercise tracker to optimize your at-home workouts, you can not go far wrong with the Fitbit Charge 3. It has a lightweight design, rose gold, and stylish blue colour-way and week-long battery life. It is really comfortable so that you can wear it all day if you are exercising or not, and it has most of the attributes that the more sophisticated Fitbit versions have (step count, sleep screen, heart-rate tracker). It’s just more compact.

Best Running Trainers:

Fresh Foam Women’s 1080v10 Trainers, £135

Image source:

Whether you are working out in your backyard or using this opportunity to enhance your running abilities, a great pair of running trainers is paramount. This set of running trainers from New Balance is up there with the best. Offered in five different colours, they comprise an upgraded Fresh Foam midsole that provides increased softness and a more lively rebound than any pair NB has released before. You’ll get 360 degrees of comfort with a soft fitting knit top and Ultra Heel in this fashionable new look.

Best Resistance Bands:

Gritin Resistance Bands Set of 5, £15.99

Image source: igritin

Perfectly suitable for yoga, at-home HIIT workouts, and to take to the gym when the lockdown is over, these resistance bands apply force in your muscles when stretched. They could increase flexibility and mobility. In this package, you get a carry bag for easy storage and five rings of different resistance levels.

Best Skipping Rope for Adults:

Gritin Skipping Rope, £10.99

Image source: Amazon

Revive college days and put money into a skipping rope. This skipping rope is so excellent if you need a fun cardio exercise. Seriously – you won’t even realize how hard you are working.

Best Spinning Bike:

JTX Cyclo-5 Spinning Bike, £625

Image source:

If you’re desperately missing your spin classes, think about investing in this professional-grade spin bike from JTX Fitness. It has a fully adjustable, cushioned chair, 16 resistance levels, 19 programs in addition to the choice to make your own workout programs, heart rate training, and (best of all) free next day shipping. Act immediately before it sells out (like almost everything else about the JTX Fitness website ).

Best At-Home Treadmill:

JTX Club-Max Treadmill, £3,299 or starting from £110 a month

This Treadmill from JTX Fitness is ideally crafted for premium at-home workouts. It’s 24 distinct running programs for an entire exercise, as well as 15% power incline and heart rate training. It is Zwift compatible. Zwift is your app that changed indoor cycling and is currently making waves in the running market also, allowing you to ride and operate alongside like-minded athletes from throughout the planet.

Video credit: JTX Fitness 

Users may use the app for effortless group runs, interval sessions, and as part of the distinctive bespoke race-day training programs. In short? This treadmill is well worth the purchase and can be bought in monthly instalments.

Best Foam Roller:

JTX Physio Foam Roller, £25

Home Gym
Image source:

On the lookout for a more accessibly-priced alternative to the Theragun? This professional-grade foam roller reduces healing time after intense exercises, massages muscles, and increases circulation. It needs to be used for 10-15 minutes daily as you warm-up, and cool down.

Best Gym Leggings:

Laure Leggings, £75, Ernest Leoty

Image source: ernestleoty

Ernest Leoty Gym leggings are a glamour thing, and have been from the moment we found the brand. The Laure Legging is their first-ever Technical Knit legging, with high compression, opacity, and support. The waistband is super high and comfy, and the blue colour is an ideal mood-lifter.

Best At-Home Massage Gun:

Liv Theragun, £179, Theragun

Home Gym
Image source:

Basically, an amped-up foam roller (and not just a costly gimmick – the fitness fanatics of the world swear by them), Theraguns is fantastic for treating your post-workout body. The gentle end (where you get two) pulses deep to the muscle to release tension and enhance circulation. Advanced deep muscle treatment from stylish brand Theragun is now less expensive than ever because they have got £50 off for a short time only. Race you to the checkout.

Best Indoor Spinning Bicycle:

Matrix ED Indoor Spin Bike, £1,399

Spinning bikes are like gold dust at this time, but this one, available at John Lewis, remains in stock. It is easily adjustable to provide each user with an ideal riding position. Matrix has fitted the bike with a 21kg flywheel – more than sufficient weight to give you high-level performance while cycling.

Video by: Matrix Fitness 

Best PBX Bags:

PB Power Bag, starting from £44.99

Home Gym
Image source:

Offered in a whole host of different weights, these sandbags are an excellent option to barbells or dumbbells and will *seriously* strengthen your workout. The sand is wrapped in high tech foam padding for safety.

Best Boxing Gloves:

RDX 1P Pink Boxing Gloves, £19.99

Home Gym
Image source: RDX Sports

Boxing is a super intense full-body workout that builds lean muscle and improves your cardiovascular fitness tenfold. These boxing gloves are made specifically for punch bag training and provide you with the protection you will need to gradually improve technique.

Best Insole Trackers:

Run Insole and Trackers, £249

Home Gym
Image source:

Missing your personal trainer right now though still eager to improve your running technique? Here is the gadget you’ve been searching for. These super comfortable insoles have 32 sensors, capturing data 1,000 times per second with 99 per cent accuracy.

Their lightweight GPS trackers imply they work anywhere, along with the free NURVV Run app lets you know precisely how you can improve, even coming with personalized workouts with in-run sound and visual cues to give immediate feedback on adhering to speed or setting new PBs. We’re obsessed.

Best Vibration Plate:

Slim Fit Vibration Plate, £275

With this nifty device, you can find a complete gym workout in only 15 minutes. The compact but effective home vibration plate includes a workout DVD, poster, and power straps. With simple exercises such as squats and lunges, the vibrations help you lose weight, tone and feel fitter. Additionally, it is compact and portable to keep it under a bed or in a cabinet when it is not being used.

Video by: JTX Fitness 

Best Exercise Ball:

Swiss Ball & Pump, £16.99

Image source:

Stay on the ball with this workout ball from Runners Need – it is a terrific addition to your training schedule for Fit Ball exercises, Pilates, yoga, or as a seat to assist with your posture when working at home gym.

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