New 2020 Fitness Trends For The Gym And At Home

In 2019, many big hitters included HIIT classes, cult spinning classes, and a change towards awareness movement — but what will this year’s fitness trend have in store for us? We asked the experts to forecast the fitness trends for 2020 — so you can get a headstart and book some classes. Check out and read about the inspirations below to mix up your fitness regime and to find out what is going to be popular.

New Fitness Options

1. Workout For The Soul

ClassPass forecasts a rise in workouts that put mindfulness and mental health at the forefront — not only considering exercise during the class but the before and after also.

More studios are now prioritizing spiritual health, and ways we can nurture the spirit and 2020 will going to be the same, with studios extending their offering beyond conventional exercise to therapies such as cryotherapy, meditation, breathing, massages, and flotation tanks.

2. Variety Is The Main Focus

As boutique studios continue to flourish across the United Kingdom and are not Only an exclusive London offering, we’ll see more and more consumers seeking variety to keep them inspired in their health regimes and fitness.

Consumers are currently looking for a diverse selection of ways their precious ‘me time’ to nurture the spirit and their bodies, and fitness memberships are offering access to the variety that is helping to link consumers with this hunt for choice.

Fitness lovers will be looking to for ways to put HIIT, cycling, swimming, dancing, yoga, health, cryotherapy, meditation, and floatation tanks all into their daily fitness routine.

3. Workout In Groups

The way we exercise will proceed to improve, and 2020 will bring an increase in group sweat classes.

How we spend some time with colleagues and socialize with friends will change, as we start to find workouts substituting happy hour and staff lunches being replaced with team excursions to a trampoline or spin class.

Working out increases productivity, team bonding, and improves culture. We are seeing studios adopt this trend – with group sweat classes such as The Foundry and Sweat It, where you train and lose weight as a group.

Going to classes with coworkers or your friends is a great way also to build friendships and reduces some of the anxiety and the self-consciousness of exercising in a room filled with strangers.

4. Hybrid Yoga

2020 will see a change in the way we practice yoga.  Over the years, we have had bunny yoga, goat yoga, and even Alpaca yoga — and while we will not be seeing any more animals (sad times), we’ll be seeing more ways that you can combine the exercise along with different practices.

Yoga HIIT is the well-balanced class of hardworking type stretches with bursts of intensity, which ensures you are using all of your muscles and leaving the room dripping in sweat and buzzing with endorphins.

5. Increase Sleep Time

Something that we are hoping to see more attention in 2020 is requiring more shut-eye.

We know that that sleep loss can affect you at the job. Your mental health and your physical appearance. We are seeing a significant focus on studios seeming alternatives to recognize this as part of a holistic wellness resolution.

There is an increase in technical equipment that can help combat this lack of sleep, in addition to offerings by studios such as The Fore — that have a committed sleep area for post-workout R&R, and Pop N Rush’s sleep pods for you to take time out and say goodnight… in your lunch break.

6. Work Hard Then Play Hard

This year will see people using their gyms and studios as a hub for socializing, chilling out, working — or meditating.

Studios like The Fore provide a co-working space for anybody to use so that you can have all your life’s needs in one place. Have a class in the morning, shower, grab your oat milk smoothies or lattes, and crack on with the day’s chores with no minutes wasted.

Frame and Another Space are currently implementing ways they could cater to all demands, with the use of chill-out zones and cafes, which are pleasant places for people to hang out after exercise.

New Personalised Fitness

Home-Based Sessions

There is New-York based, non-ending cycling sensation Peloton. The fitness organization is currently driving the indoor cycling experience by storm with high tech #1990 at-home spinning bicycles.

Each Peloton bike comes with an HD sweat-proof 22-inch touchscreen, which enables you to tune in and experience a library of thousands of on-demand classes along with 48 daily, without needing to leave your home – or even change out of your pyjamas if you want to save on gym kit laundry.

Reckon you’d slack outward of a class atmosphere? We thought the same, however, the coaches are so enthusiastic their energy is contagious. Additionally, the session has been recorded in a room of people who are also exercising – not only are your energy levels high, but you also (sort of) feel as if you are in the gym anyway.

Reach to the Covent Garden Peloton studio starting in 2020, which is going to be the HQ for on-demand and recording all live classes. It is going to be open to the public too if you wanted company for your next class.

And if you do not like cycling, then the Peloton Tread could be coming over from the US soon. Before they do, there is an 18-week marathon training program called ‘Road to your 26.2’, ‘which can be downloaded through the Peloton Digital app and includes recovery and training advice from the experts.

In January 2020, Lululemon ambassador and creator of Mind Body Bowl Annie Clarke is starting The Practice, an internet platform for yoga classes. At £15 a month, it’s a significant investment and an excellent way to start this year with sensible goals.

Bespoke Supplements

Do you feel like you’re taking all the vitamins you can imagine of, just in fact? With no idea if they’re actually working? Well, 2020 will see the growth of bespoke supplements.

Image: Bespoke Supplements

We have seen healthcare becoming much more personal with gut microbiome analysis. DNA testing kits, and fitness trackers, and this is only going to continue.

Bioniq arranges home-based blood tests, then, after a phone consultation with a nutritionist seeking your health and lifestyle. Sends bespoke supplements (in the form of granules instead of pills for proper absorption) to your door.

Some of the elements they track are liver function, metabolism, and hormones. Personalized services such as this (Bioniq has a monthly subscription charge) could be the trick. To get to the bottom of your day slump or erratic moods.


You are in luck if slower-paced exercise is your thing as trend forecasters LSN International forecast that ‘Conscious Deceleration’ will be prominent in the next decade of health.

This is a backlash to the message that we always require to be advancing our fitness goals and, with this, obtaining the best possible version of ourselves.

We’ll see a focus on inborn wellness more of an emphasis on health through NEAT – non-exercise activity thermogenesis. That is the energy we spend on everything which is not eating, sleeping or sports-like exercise. So think to take the office stairs instead of the lift, or simply walking more.

That is why London’s FRAME gym is proposing a free walking club. The FRAME of Mind Walking Club will start in January 2020. The focus will be on getting moving, getting outside, and meeting similar people. There will be quarterly hiking trips outside London. The Californian aim of ‘going for a hike’ is definitely officially hitting the UK!

P.E. Lessons are Back

The leader of experiential and innovative new workouts, Gymbox are going popular in 2020. Their course Gymnasium will take you back to the times of P.E. Lessons (you might have hated them at the moment, but bear with us). Expect the classic gear: think hanging ropes, vaults, and monkey bars.

The idea is to present more ‘play’ into workouts while building strength, freedom, and balance. That you will use as you walk on the beams (remember those?). This is practical training with a twist.

Smart Boxing

Workouts that make use of technology will become more sophisticated as we go to a new decade. TwelveThree, boutique boxing studio, is going one step/uppercut farther but introducing punch trackers in their boxing classes.

Worn on your wrist, this system will track the intensity and velocity of your punches. So you can mark your progress with time. Classes will take a new hike of competition and fun. As you can also see how your right hook relates to your fellow boxers.

Mind over Matter

New workouts that concentrate on stimulating your mind as much as your body are set to take off in 2020. As modern life becomes all too handy, Manor gyms – which specialize in unique ‘yard’ training . Have generated MCP, which pledges to ‘Beast Your Body. Exorcise Your Mind’.

If this sounds scary, it is because it is. The notion is to drive yourself out of your comfort zone by Bootcamp-style exercises (such as interval runs up) and group contests. The final goal is to build mental resilience, in addition to improving fitness levels.

Dance, Dance, Dance

Dancing like no one is watching is not for everyone, but that hasn’t suppressed the prevalence of dance-based classes from the likes of Seen On Screen and At Your Beat. However, you can expect new dance workouts to take in the New Year on a Latino twist.

DAN’s will be the first Latin American dance-fitness studio in London just off Oxford Circus. Led by trainers from all over the world. The pay-to-dance studio will have three distinct themed courses, such as technique-focused, cardio-led, and DAN’s Soul. Which will have a meditative spin.

The emphasis will be on raising your spirits, which we might well need. As fitness pro and salsa-aficionado Bangs and Bun states, the benefits of dancing are multiple. It increases body awareness and coordination; perfect for cardio, tones up you and most of all, makes you smile.

Workout Gear Made From Coffee

Workout gear is not being left out of discussions about fashion and sustainability. With Adidas leading the way by collaborations with Stella McCartney, using recycled polyester and Parley, using upcycled plastic trash from the sea, many brands are turning their attention to a more sustainable exercise.

Sundried specializes in performance gear that’s designed to last. Two of the collections are created from 100% recycled materials. Such as coffee grounds and plastic, which usually block our odor.

Also on our radar, Girlfriend Collective’s activewear, which recycles used water bottles and London-based Adrenna that generates locally and uses eco-friendly and non-toxic dyes. As they state, ‘the planet shouldn’t have to sweat while you do.’

One Size Does Not Fit All

We all respond to exercises uniquely, and more studios are currently supplying packages to be sure that you’re not just fitness-freewheeling with a few or no results.

Another_Space has launched a transform package that focuses on education and goal-setting with personal training. Guidance from pH Nutrition according to your diet enough personal training. Advice from pH Nutrition habits, in addition to sports massages111 and Cryo sessions.

While Psycle’s The Energy Project goals on accomplishing goals through positive lifestyle habits, nutrition, and exercises that are devised to suit you.

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