Get Your New Year’s Resolutions Ready And Start Weight Training

As part of your new year’s resolutions, you should consider the aspect of maintaining good health and physical fitness. A healthy body is better than material wealth so you should focus on things that can help you enjoy your well-being. Exercise is one significant element that can help you maintain physical fitness.

Physical fitness also has many benefits such as building a healthy body, strengthening the immune system, maintaining healthy bones, muscles and joints. Physical exercise also helps promote physiological well-being as well as improved mental health. Training can also help to lower surgical risks while keeping your body in good shape.

There are different types of physical exercise, but weight training can give you more benefits. When you start weight training, seven things can happen to your body. As such, this article discusses in detail these elements that can make changes to your body.

Seven Key Benefits From Working-Out  With Weights

1. Weight Training Helps Boost Metabolism

Many people believe that cardio training is for weight loss while weight training is mainly for building muscles. Indeed, cardio exercise helps to reduce weight, but the main benefit is to improve your cardiovascular health.

Apart from helping to helping to build muscles, weight training significantly helps to improve metabolism in your body. Metabolism is a chemical process that takes place in the body, and it helps in causing food to promote growth and energy.

Exercise helps to speed up your metabolism so that the body can gain the necessary energy for it to function correctly. When you exercise, the rate of energy generation through metabolism increases and this helps the body to stay fit.

The other important aspect of weight training is that it helps to build muscles which play a vital role in burning fat in your body. Fat is not good for your health since it can affect the proper functioning of organs like the heart. The muscles can consume more than double the number of fat calories during the time your body is at rest.

Building muscles will significantly help the body to burn fat while you rest. As such, people with strong muscles have a lower risk of conditions associated with fat such as heart failure. The resting metabolic rate (RMR) determines the number of calories that your body burns so that it can maintain vital functions. These functions include but are not limited to breathing, brain function as well as heart rate among others.

It is essential that you know your metabolic rate so that you can take appropriate action to maintain good health. You should also know that physical training does more than maintaining good physical health but mental health as well.

2. Weight Training Helps Increase Strength

Heavyweight lifting can significantly increase strength in your body, but you do not necessarily need to labour your body. Bulking up may not always be the outcome of weight training, so you do not need to worry about excessive weight lifting. General physical exercise is right for your overall health since it does not affect the body.

The most important thing is that you will get stronger no matter the type of training you do. A healthy body is good since it helps you to perform various tasks without assistance from anyone. You can carry your luggage, do your shopping or even perform tasks like gardening at home. When your body is active, you can also be in a position to defend yourself when you are under threat or attack.

A substantial body is not susceptible to minor ailments like flu, fever as well as colds. A healthy body can resist some of these diseases that can cause discomfort and make your body weak. When you are weak, you cannot perform specific tasks that are simple and do not require bulk muscles. Therefore, you do not necessarily need to bulk up to be stronger but perform regular exercises.

man weight training

If you intend to develop your muscles to increase body strength, weight training is ideal for the purpose. There are different forms of weight training, and it is vital that you choose a method that does not strain your body. In some instances, the love for stronger muscles can cause adverse effects to your body if you put it under pressure.

3. You Can Boost Your Confidence With Weight Training

Appearance in public is a vital aspect concerning boosting your confidence such that you can interact well with others. People who appear weak and seem to be in poor health often lack self-confidence when they communicate with others in public. You can also overcome this challenge by engaging in weight training, but you do not need to strain yourself.

However, you should understand that muscles do not necessarily make a man. The strength of your character plays a pivotal role in the making of a real man instead of the power of the biceps. Many people still believe that masculinity defines the status of a gentleman.

If you also share the same view that people with strong muscles are the real man, then you can do weight lifting. People with broad shoulders also appear to be confident when they interact with others in public. Light to heavy lifting can significantly boost your confidence when you gain the weight that you so much desire.

People who lack confidence often fail to socialize with others in different communities meaningfully. When you do not have faith, you may think that you are not capable of achieving certain things. You also develop this negative feeling about yourself thinking that people see you as inferior.

If you begin weight lifting now, you will notice some changes in your body within a few weeks. As such, the positive development of your body can help to boost your confidence. Your appearance makes you feel comfortable in every place where you go.

4. Weight Lifting Can Help You Improve Your Flexibility

When you are strong, there are also many gains that you get such as improvement in the flexibility of the body. A flexible body can perform a variety of sporting activities which also help to maintain it in good health. Flexibility is also healthy for the joints since they facilitate smooth movement of the body.

People who are stiff can hardly bend, and they cannot perform a lot of activities. Turning the body can be a problem if your body is not flexible. You can also feel some pain when you try to perform other things that require the flexibility of your body.

You can also be faster in performing various activities when you are strong. Different activities require swiftness when you are presenting them. For instance, the operation of certain machinery involves some level of speed to avoid risks of injury. When you are fast, you can react in good time to situations that can pose a danger to your life.

Flexible muscles also help to improve the flow of blood in the body thereby improving its functioning. The blood carries oxygen and different nutrients to the organs of the body. An increased flow of blood is significant since it helps a variety of body organs to function correctly.

When the blood flows well in the body, this can help prevent certain conditions caused by clogged veins. Diseases such as heart failure are a result of the inadequate flow of blood as well as oxygen. When you perform various exercises, the veins will open up and clear all the particles that can block the smooth flow of blood.

woman weight training

5. Weight Training Helps To Improve Sleep

Exercise gives you better sleep, and there are many benefits of a good rest. Sleeping helps your body to relax so that it wakes up refreshed. If the mind gets enough rest, it can also function appropriately since it controls all organs of the body.

When you lift weights, you are likely to develop bigger muscles which mean that your metabolism is at its optimum level. When metabolism operates at optimum energy levels, it says that you can sleep much more relaxed. Some people often experience sleeping problems, but when metabolism is high, you can easily overcome this challenge.

The other important issue is that when you engage in more activity during the day, your body will be more than ready to rest at night. Weight lifting makes the body feel tired so that it can easily fall asleep when night time comes. After some exercises, the muscles can relax, and the blood evenly flows to all parts of the body.

However, you should be careful to avoid working out a few hours before bedtime. Exercising before bedtime can make your muscles sore such that you can fail to sleep. Therefore, it is better to carry out your exercises earlier during the day. When night time comes, you can sleep well.

Quality rest is right for your mental health, and it helps to prevent conditions like depression as well as anxiety. When you are depressed, you may experience daytime fatigue such that you fail to concentrate. People with poor sleeping patterns usually have a high risk of getting involved in accidents due to poor concentration.

Therefore, an exercise in the form of weight lifting is right for your health since it promotes peaceful sleeping. When your body gets sufficient sleep, it can effectively perform various tasks, and it can maintain its fitness.

6. Weight Lifting Gives You More Energy

During the first days of practising weight lifting, the body often feels exhausted, but it will adjust to the routine in a short period.  When the body adapts, it gains more energy than never before. The muscles grow stronger through exercising such that you can perform a lot of activities.

Besides work out in the gym, strength training prepares you for a lot of activities in life. You can carry heavy loads of grocery, and you can also easily climb the stairs. Some people who are idle most of the time face challenges to live in upper flows of the apartments.

In some instances, you do not need to hire labour to perform different tasks at your home like gardening when you are energetic. It saves you money to do some chores at your house when the body still permits. When you have sufficient energy, you can also perform activities like playing with the kids as well as walking your pet around the park.

The other important thing you can do is to perform different types of sport. It is good for your health to keep the body active so that it can resist various diseases. People who are not active have high chances of becoming obese. The condition is terrible for health since it can cause heart problems.

Source:  LivingHealthyChicago

7. Weight Training May Help Conquer Your Fears

When you know that you are physically fit, you can conquer your fears and anxiety that can pose a threat to you. Naturally, human beings have power over their minds, but many people do not know that. When you face tough challenges, you only need to be unwavering, and you will be a winner. 

Some people fail to achieve their goals in life due to fear of the things they can overcome through commitment. Some people are even scared of attempting certain things because they think they cannot overcome the situation.

Weight training can also give you determination in whatever you do. You start with light weights and gradually increase as you become used to the routine. The same scenario applies to a real-life situation. Some challenges appear too difficult to achieve, but once you get involved, you will only realize that they are attainable.

In most cases, individuals tend to fear the unknown, but the truth is that there is nothing impossible. You only need to take your time and master the skill of doing it. You should aim to perfect your form, and you will progress well. When you perform some exercises, you develop this sense of self-fulfilment which helps you to overcome challenges that can come your way.

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