How To Find A Reliable, Competant Personal Trainer

Hire A Personal Trainer

If you have a new year’s resolution to get in shape, you have two options. You need to either have the resolve to go to the gym a lot or hire a trainer. A personal trainer can seem like the ideal option for a one-on-one session for tailored exercise, and they can be.

The problem is that the wrong trainer can lead to a bad relationship and a lot of wasted time. It is important that you look for a trainer with all the right attributes and qualities. There are some tips on how to get off on the right foot.

Look For Fitness Training Certification

This is important before you start looking into their programs and special deals. Are they qualified to do this? Do they know what all are talking about, or just winging it for a quick buck?A personal trainer that is not certified my end up wasting valuable time and money with pointless routines.

Even worse, they could end up putting your health at risk with injury through pulled muscles and bad practices. Ask them about their qualifications and how they seek to stay on top of their field. Do they have any other special skills that might set them apart from the competition? At the very least, they need a Level 3 Personal Trainer Certificate. First aid training and insurance are good too.

Are They Experienced?

Personal Trainer

Qualifications are a good start because they mean that they have the theoretical knowledge to do the job. The problem is that theory is only good if it has been carefully put into practice. Are they experienced enough to handle your needs?

This means more than having worked with others of your size and demographic. Are they experienced enough to deal with certain medical issues, such as rehabbing injuries? Experience comes in all shapes and sizes. The more they have, the more well-rounded they are.

Find Someone That Can Listen To You And Work To Your Needs

Experience with a range of clients brings the ability to adapt and understand different issues. A good personal trainer shouldn’t be there to make you work a certain way. They should be creating a personal program to suit your fitness goals.

Talk with them, communicate those goals and needs and see how receptive they are. We all have special goals and needs when it comes to our fitness levels and personal health. It is necessary that trainers are aware of these obstacles and can work with them, not against them.

Once You Know What You Want From A Personal Trainer, You Have To Go About Finding One

Personal Trainer

Luckily, there are plenty of top online resources that you can use to help you hire a trainer. A quick google search of personal trainers in your location is a start. However, some specialist sites provide directories of local personal trainers in a helpful way.

The first place to turn has to be the National Register of Personal Trainers ( Their directory contains over 800 qualified Level 3 personal trainers with a location-based search engine. This means you can be sure of a reliable result.

The Free Index has a section dedicated to UK personal trainers at, which offers star ratings and contact information.

Stay Fit ( is a little more professional, with another strong list of options. However, you do want to register with the system to search.

Then there is This directory was once dedicated to the London area but has since expanded to take in people from across the UK.

Finally, It Is Important To Remember To Take Your Time With This Search

You may have promised yourself to hit the gym first thing in January, but this isn’t ideal. Instead, take a little longer to use the tools above and research your options. It is better to find the ideal fit from the start than to find someone that doesn’t work out.

Shopping around also offers the chance to compare those qualifications, program options, and prices. You can also fire off a few emails with important fitness training questions and see who responds in a positive manner.

First impressions are important, but a good second impression on a first meeting is crucial. In the end, you need to be able to form a trusting relationship with a personal trainer. If you don’t, there may be a terrible repercussion for your health, fitness goals, and pursue.


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