Best Fitness Product To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Best Fitness Equipment

Setting up a home gym or starting out in a commercial one can be daunting. Not only do you need to deal with the willpower to continue with the regime, but you also need some new equipment. Fitness equipment means more than just a treadmill, exercise bike or home gym station. Other tools and accessories can improve a workout and push you further.

The following list looks at any of the products and solutions that could be of benefit. There are basic products like mats and steppers, advanced weights and resistance bands and other items you may not expect.

Ten Great Fitness Products To Help You Improve Your Fitness Regime

1) Physioworld Exercise Mat

Exercise Mat- Fitness Product

The first fitness products that you need to look at when planning for a gym experience on an exercise mat. They are essential for providing a safe surface for working on. The better the padding and non-slip surface, the better the product.

This is why this 15 mm mat is so appealing. It is ideal for use in an apartment block for yoga and pilates. However, it is also portable enough to take to the gym, thanks to the option of the carry strap or bag. Take it wherever you go for a quick session.

2) Body Sculpture Stepper Plus

The mat is the first piece of fitness equipment for first-timers working out at home. The second is some form of the stepper. Stepping on and off a block is a simple, repetitive act that can make a difference.

A specialist block like this, on a mat, is great from apparent living because it requires little space at 63x26cm. The added benefit here is that height is adjustable between 10-15cm to change the intensity.

3) Fitness 1.3 kg Weighted Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop Product

It is easy to look at a hula hoop and think of all those childhood games we used to play. The question is, how can it help as fitness equipment? Hula hooping is a skill, it takes, rhythm and posture to get the right momentum.

The act of keeping the hoop in a position does wonder for your abs. Play around with one of these and the belly fat could drop off. The main thing regarding this model is that it has some weight for an extra challenge. It also comes apart for transportation to the gym.

4) Fitness Mad Speed Rope

On a related note, we probably all had a go with a skipping rope in the playground a few times too. This piece of fitness equipment is different because we know it can help with cardiovascular exercise, strength, and coordination.

Why else would boxers be so happy to do it so often? Basic skipping ropes are fine, but weighted ones are even better. This product is harder to handle for better results and comes in three different lengths. Find the best one for your height and practice your skills.

5) Reebok Gym Ball

Reebok Gym Ball Fitness Equipment

You may ask what one gym ball has over another. Aren’t all of these fitness products the same and, if so, how has Reebok improved upon it? This Reebok model is surprisingly affordable for the name and offers some extra details for convenience.

There is a pump to inflate it, tape measures and a DVD on exercise tips. Balance balls are a great aid for core strength and balance, even if they seem a little stupid and ineffective at first. Go for a top model and feel the benefits with your ab exercises.

6) Gliding Discs

Balance balls are the obvious choice in fitness products for improving balance and core stability, and there are great options. However, it might be worth considering a gliding disc if you are becoming bored with the balls.

These discs are tricky to deal with because they glide around as you are working out – even on carpets. The practical applications may seem limited, but they add a new dimension to lunges and push-ups. Give them time, play around with them and diversify your regime.

7) York Fitness Fitbell Set

Fitness Equipment

With strength training making such a comeback, especially among female gym users, it makes sense to get some weights. A small 10kg set like this is ideal for bringing weight training into the home. They have the quality and weight range that newcomers expect from the fitness equipment at the gym. Also, they are easy to use in the living room while watching TV. The additional case means it is easy to transport them between the two venues.

8) Powerblock Sport 2.4

This PowerBlock weight system is a great example of fitness products fulfilling a need in an alternative way. The weight above is traditional and familiar. This one turns a stack of dumbbells into a space-saving block.

This is perfect if you don’t have space for a weight rack at home, but are keen on strength training. This one block has a weight range of 1.5 kg to 11 kg and is ideal for anyone starting out. Start small and work up to bigger lifts for greater results.

9) Bulldog Gear 2-70 kg Resistance Bands

Best Gym Fitness Product

The next piece of fitness equipment is a must-have item for further diversifying a workout. Resistance bands may seem like little more than a basic stretchy cord, but they can help with a range of movement. Many of the best home gyms use similar cords for resistance on different stations.

These separate bands attach to existing equipment for bicep curls and other options. The best thing about this particular brand is that they range from 2-70kg. This means that there is something for newcomers and experienced users.

10) Master Of Muscle Mauler Foam Roller

Finally, we have one of the best fitness products for warming down. A muscle Mauler doesn’t sound like the sort of thing that you want to go anywhere near after working out. This foam rolling system massages the muscles to reduce the risk of injury and relieve tight spots.

The simple shape and compact size mean that it can go with you to the gym or used at home. It all depends on which is the most convenient. The technique is vital, but the e-book helps with that.


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