Benefits Of Adding Level 3 Sports Massage Course To Your Qualifications

Sports Massage Therapy Course

Sports massage therapy is a great skill that many fitness fanatics look for. It helps to know that there are specialists out there. Ones that know how to handle and rehab an injury in a safe, effective manner. Sports massage is not like a relaxing deep tissue massage. It is there to help to improve the condition of an injured muscle and improve physiotherapy for efficient results.

Why Should Personal Trainers Consider Adding This New Qualification To Their Arsenal If They Are Already Respected In Fitness Training?

Fitness Training

Sports massage therapy may seem far removed from personal training in some respect. One puts you in the heart of the workout, pushing towards goals and gaining momentum. It is a tough, rewarding job where you need the skill to push people to their limits. Sports massage therapy comes in when those clients push too hard or sustain an injury. It is a trained, therapeutic tool that is far more hands-on.

Many clients would love to have a personal trainer that is also qualified to be their sports massage therapist. It is a security net telling them that if something went wrong, they have the support required to deal with it. It may even push people to test their limits if they have that extra level of confidence in their trainer.

In addition to this, this qualification will simply ensure that you have one more string to your bow when it comes to your skillset. Skilled personal trainers are in competition for clients, and it helps to stand out.

Gimmicky programs can work in the short term, but extra skills and qualifications are better in the long term. A potential client comparing options online will see a trainer with a Level 3 qualification in massage therapy favourably. Clients will see you as a caring, well-rounded, educated individual.

Finally, these courses also offer a refresher on human anatomy and the chance to see muscle groups in a new light. The theory of protecting muscles and repairing them may also help to shape a more beneficial program for your clients.

This new knowledge will help you to become a more intuitive, caring trainer with more options for different types of clients. You may be able to adjust routines for certain disabilities and injuries with greater ease.

This Qualification Is Crucial For Clients To Take You SeriouslySports Massage Therapy

You can’t claim to be a skilled masseur with no certificate to back it up. Not only is it unprofessional and potentially dangerous when handling clients’ bodies, but it could also come off as creepy. The Level 3 qualification is accessible and a great starting point for a strong knowledge of the subject.

Courses are open to anybody over the age of 16 with no prior qualifications required. Some that qualify may move on to level 4 and 5 to advance their skills. However, this isn’t needed in personal training.

This Certification Is A Great Idea For Furthering Your Fitness Training Skills

There isn’t anything to lose in going for this certificate, but there is a lot to gain. A Level 3 Sports Massage Certification could diversify your skills and client base for better client relationships, better results and a better income. Get ahead of the pack with great skill.

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