The 4 Most Important Certifications For Personal Trainers

Personal Training Certifications

Personal training is a dream vacation for many fitness-loving individuals that want to earn good money. Those that are well prepared to set up a business can stand to gain lots of clients and make lots of money. The one and the only way to do this is to right training certifications. Here are four of the most important fitness training documents to obtain.

Level 2 Gym Instructor Qualification-

The first place to begin is with the Level 2 Gym Instructor Qualification. Level 2 is essentially like getting a vocational GCSE. That is how most of the people end up in fitness training jobs. You can start here with all the necessary theory on training other people, working the equipment and creating a strong routine.

 This foundation knowledge then gives you a stepping stone into other areas of interest within fitness training. If your final goal is to become a personal trainer, start off in the gym, get experience and work your way up.

The great thing about these UK courses is that you can complete them over six weeks on a part-time basis. They are also accepted by a vast amount of gyms, health clubs, and other national facilities.

Level 3 Personal Trainer Qualification:

Certificate of Personal Training

The Level 2 Gym Instructor Certificate is a must when starting out. It is important to start with any Level 1 and Level 2 programs for basic knowledge. However, to proceed with personal training, you need to increase your knowledge, skillset and specializations. The only way to do this is to achieve your Level 3 Personal Trainer Qualification.

 This is the national standard that all professional, self-employed trainers are now judged by. As this is the equivalent of much higher qualification, like an A-Level, it is more difficult to achieve. It is essential to stay motivated if you want to branch out from working in the gym. You can’t pretend to be a personal trainer on a gym instructor’s certificate alone.

First Aid Certification:

Training Certifications

Once you have your training certifications to work as a professional personal trainer on your term, you need further documentation. Clients need someone that they can put their trust in when placing their health, fitness and personal goals in your hands.

A certificate in the field and experience is a must. In addition to this, you need to show that you are reliable and safe to work with. The first certificate you need to achieve this is one in first aid. This sounds like a simple piece of paper that isn’t that big deal, but it.

A first aid kit could make the difference between a small, treatable minor injury and a trip to a doctor. If you know first aid, you are a proven caregiver that is in full control of the session. If you don’t, you could lose out on clients. Remember that this only lasts for three years before it needs updating. Stay on top of it to stay safe

Personal Trainer Insurance:

Insurance Training Certifications
Example of insurance coverage

On a related note, it is important that you have the appropriate insurance to carry out the job. It is interesting that this is not yet a legal requirement in the UK because it seems like a no-brainer. Insurance protects you against liability if a client gets injured.

Without it, you could end up paying damages or lost wages for something that wasn’t your fault. Also, personal trainers that get themselves insured are trustworthy and reliable. Personal trainers with insurance and first aid training are doubly so.

 If a potential client sees you are not insured, but your rival is, it’s an easy choice. It a short-term cost and inconvenience for something that could make or break your business.

Don’t Mess Around With Your Personal Training Certifications. It Could Cost You

The simple rule here is that the better your qualifications and documentation, the better your business prospects. These skills in fitness training for gym instruction and personal training are essential. They are the basis for strong employment and good knowledge of the industry and the human body.

You can go into business with these two alone, but it is wise to stay safe with first aid training and insurance. The more faith that people have in you, the better the chance of succeeding and making money.

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