The Coronavirus Causes Home Fitness Programs To Explode!

Most people remember their very first experience with home fitness programs. As a child in the early 90s, I cherish waking up extra early on the weekends to see a TV program called “Mousercise”, a Disney series with aerobics teachers in full Mickey and Minnie costumes teaching children calisthenics. I was too lazy to take part but was intrigued by the spectacle anyway.

For those born slightly earlier, home fitness may be characterized by memories of Jane Fonda grapevine across their TV screen, while for others, it may be carrying their inaugural steps on that weird-looking contraption called a treadmill.… Continue Reading

Stay Safe And Work Out At Home Using These Products

As things start to go back to normal, many of us have come to realize just how careless we were before the Covid-19 virus. At your home gym, you can do exercises, keep yourself safe and healthy.  Exercising helps keep our mental health in check, more so than before, adding a schedule of too many weeks spent indoors.

As you may know,  exercising releases valuable endorphins that enhance your mood endlessly. Stressful day at the home office? Work out. Feeling lazy after an over-indulgent weekend in the garden? Work out. One too many pieces of banana bread? Work out.… Continue Reading

Women Need To Eat A Well Balanced Diet To Stay In Shape

Ensuring that you have the right type of foods in your daily balanced diet ensures that you a free from the risk of acquiring a variety of health-related illnesses as well as delayed aging effects. Conventional food-related problems include heart disorders, diabetes, some cancers, high blood pressure, constipation, and gallstones.

The Nutrition Pyramid For A Healthy Diet

A healthy diet follows a pyramid according to nutritionists. Foods that are eaten most fall at the bottom of the pyramid and consist of low-fat foods with high fiber contents. They are majorly grains such as maize, wheat, rice and, oats, vegetables, and fruits.

The seeds are consumed as whole ready to eat cereals or milled or ground to baked bread. Grains provide … Continue Reading

New 2020 Fitness Trends For The Gym And At Home

In 2019, many big hitters included HIIT classes, cult spinning classes, and a change towards awareness movement — but what will this year’s fitness trend have in store for us? We asked the experts to forecast the fitness trends for 2020 — so you can get a headstart and book some classes. Check out and read about the inspirations below to mix up your fitness regime and to find out what is going to be popular.

New Fitness Options

1. Workout For The Soul

ClassPass forecasts a rise in workouts that put mindfulness and mental health at the forefront — not only considering exercise during the class but the before and after also.… Continue Reading

Working Out At Home Is Possible With These Products

While there are many reasons to go to a gym, a membership certainly is not vital to stay fit. At-home workouts are a great way to get in shape without stepping in an actual weight room or gym, along with some fantastic strategies to sweat outdoors, also. From equipment-free exercises that use just your body weight for resistance to high-intensity cardio methods that make your heart pumping with no treadmill, the choices are limitless.

Whether you want to save time, money, or you are just not a gym person, these ten workouts let you sweat it out your way in your time. Four minutes or 30, arms or buttocks, cardio or strength, these at-home workouts, and outdoor options have … Continue Reading

Healthy Employees Make For a Better Workplace

Workplaces using a culture of wellbeing and health are more than a happy place to work. Decades of research has shown that a healthier workforce is more effective versus a company that does not encourage this atmosphere. In today’s competitive worldwide marketplace, creating a healthy culture should be part of the company’s strategy.

Wherever you’re within your health and well-being program, when it comes to health, remember, there’s absolutely no big secret.

Here are 10 top tips which you can implement today to improve the health and wellbeing of your workers:… Continue Reading

Get Your New Year’s Resolutions Ready And Start Weight Training

As part of your new year’s resolutions, you should consider the aspect of maintaining good health and physical fitness. A healthy body is better than material wealth so you should focus on things that can help you enjoy your well-being. Exercise is one significant element that can help you maintain physical fitness.

Physical fitness also has many benefits such as building a healthy body, strengthening the immune system, maintaining healthy bones, muscles and joints. Physical exercise also helps promote physiological well-being as well as improved mental health. Training can also help to lower surgical risks while keeping your body in good shape.

There are different types of physical exercise, but weight training can give you more benefits. When … Continue Reading

Find A Training Or Fitness Programme That Fits You

There are lots of fitness gurus and professionals that tell us how simple it is to get fit and lose weight. Just eat less and exercise more. Just work towards those 10,000 steps a day and you will see the results. It is simple to them because they have trained themselves into a healthy lifestyle and see exercise as a hobby, not as a fitness programme.

What about those of us that struggle to keep up with a regular fitness programme? There has to be a simpler approach for a better outcome – and there is.  It is important that we all take one small step forward on the “exercise” path that will work for us.

A gentle path … Continue Reading

Become A Product Tester For Fitness Products

Fitness Product Tester

Product testing is a great job for anyone that loves to try new things. You, as a fitness product tester, could find yourself one of the first in line with a new product. New textures, scents, and functions all need to test through market research before release onto the mass market.

 If there is a new change to an existing product, that needs to be a selling point. It has to connect with an audience. If that product tester group doesn’t like the change, or can’t identify it, it is time to hit the drawing board. If they do spot it and are positive about it, the product can launch.… Continue Reading

Use DNA Testing Results To Work-Out Better

DNA Testing

DNA testing kits have taught us a lot about ourselves in recent years. Companies like 23andMe opened doors of discovery into family history, genetic predispositions, and long-lost heritage. We can find out if we have Viking blood while tracing our genetic make-up.

At the same time, we can learn about risks for cancer, Alzheimer’s and all kinds of personal health issues. This is the main audience for these types of sites. However, there are other companies with a more niche service. Could we see a rise in DNA testing for personal fitness goals?… Continue Reading

Working Out With STDS

Physical Fitness

Our physical fitness and well-being is something that we need to protect and maintain at all costs. A physical exam can tell us a great deal about our health and any issue we need to be aware of. This can be as simple as advice on exercise, a quick mental health exam, and STD testing.

Doctors are now encouraged to talk to patients more about the links between exercise and STDs. STD testing does not have to be an entirely separate subject. That is especially true if there is a chance that it can have an impact on other areas of health. Normally, the two topics may not come up in the same conversation at the doctor’s office … Continue Reading

The 4 Most Important Certifications For Personal Trainers

Personal Training Certifications

Personal training is a dream vacation for many fitness-loving individuals that want to earn good money. Those that are well prepared to set up a business can stand to gain lots of clients and make lots of money. The one and the only way to do this is to right training certifications. Here are four of the most important fitness training documents to obtain.… Continue Reading

How To Find A Reliable, Competant Personal Trainer

Hire A Personal Trainer

If you have a new year’s resolution to get in shape, you have two options. You need to either have the resolve to go to the gym a lot or hire a trainer. A personal trainer can seem like the ideal option for a one-on-one session for tailored exercise, and they can be.

The problem is that the wrong trainer can lead to a bad relationship and a lot of wasted time. It is important that you look for a trainer with all the right attributes and qualities. There are some tips on how to get off on the right foot.… Continue Reading

Importance Of Personal Physical Fitness

Personal Physical Fitness Benefits

Personal physical fitness is something that we should all take great pride in. The only problem is that we often fail to do so for many potential reasons. Exercise can be hard to fit into a daily routine. This is particularly the case if we drive to work and sit at a desk for 9 hours a day.

Some of us struggle to lose those extra pounds and end up putting up with them. The more we slide into poor physical fitness, the harder it to make those changes.

The goals just seem further away, and we lose sight of the importance of fitness. The problem with this vicious cycle is simple. Not only are we … Continue Reading